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Based Out of The Finger Lakes Region, New York

Fresh American Hops LLC

Our mission is to provide people with an opportunity to access all-natural, high-quality, organic supplements derived from the finest hand-picked organic medicinal hops.

We are here to revolutionize the way people live their lives around the world. Say goodbye to the toxic chemicals that so-called professionals offer. Come join us on our journey to a healthier, more natural lifestyle!

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Meet The Team
Fresh American Hops LLC

About Us: Meet The Team
Zachery Harkenrider - Founder, Owner, CEO, and President.png

Creates, communicates, and implements the company's vision, mission, and overall direction to ensure alignment with objectives.

Develops high-quality business strategies and plans to guide the company's operations and ensure success.

Oversees the complete operation of the company, monitoring progress and making adjustments as needed to ensure the company's goals are met.

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About Us

Featured across the United States, we are leading the alternative, holistic, natural medicine market with a revolutionary, organic supplement. Our products are derived from the highest quality, hand-picked medicinal hops.

Fresh American Hops LLC embodies a steadfast dedication to excellence and integrity, offering premium organic products to customers worldwide. Established as a family-owned enterprise, we have cultivated a legacy of reliability and customer satisfaction.

At Fresh American Hops, we recognize the intrinsic value of each product and strive to ensure a fulfilling and informative experience for our clientele. Whether serving individual end-users seeking natural remedies or collaborating with retail establishments committed to providing superior goods, we stand as a trusted partner in wellness.

Our ethos revolves around unwavering quality and meticulous attention to detail. Every product undergoes rigorous scrutiny, reflecting our commitment to delivering potent organic solutions that consistently demonstrate effectiveness. With a steadfast refusal to compromise, we maintain transparency and integrity, providing customers with products of unparalleled purity and efficacy.

As leaders in the industry, we take pride in offering the highest quality full-spectrum medicinal hops extract available. Leveraging over a decade of expertise and state-of-the-art processes, we ensure that our products surpass industry standards, earning us the distinction of being the foremost provider in America.

Our commitment extends beyond mere transactions; we strive to address the holistic health needs of our customers. By circumventing intermediaries and facilitating direct access to our products, we empower individuals to prioritize their well-being conveniently from the comfort of their homes. Infused with organic medicinal plant extracts, our supplements epitomize uncompromised quality and efficacy, earning the trust of discerning consumers worldwide.

Unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction transcends profit margins. We remain steadfast in our mission to make our premium products accessible to all, ensuring that affordability never compromises quality.

Driven by an unwavering passion for excellence, Fresh American Hops stands as a beacon of integrity and quality in the wellness industry.

For discerning micro, craft, or home brewers seeking superior organic ingredients, our brewing section offers unparalleled excellence, setting the standard for uncompromised quality and flavor.

Discover the epitome of excellence with Fresh American Hops—where quality reigns supreme, and customer satisfaction is paramount.

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The Story of Fresh American Hops

Best in the Business


Reno, Nevada - Publisher.

In the picturesque landscapes of the Finger Lakes Region of Western New York, nestled amidst rolling hills and pristine waters, two visionary entrepreneurs are embarking on a journey to redefine alternative medicine in the United States. Meet Zachery Harkenrider and Glenn Garrett, the dynamic duo behind Fresh American Hops LLC, poised to revolutionize the industry with their innovative drug-free supplement derived from organic hops.

With a shared passion for holistic health and a deep-rooted connection to the land, Harkenrider and Garrett have set out to reintroduce the native hops of yesteryears to the modern world. Their journey begins in the heart of the Finger Lakes, a region steeped in history, where once thriving hop farms fell silent in the wake of disease and prohibition.

Undeterred by the challenges of the past, Harkenrider and Garrett have harnessed the power of innovation and sustainability to breathe new life into the age-old tradition of hop cultivation. At the helm of their custom greenhouse, nestled amidst the verdant landscapes, they employ cutting-edge hydroponic techniques to nurture prized hops of unparalleled quality.

What sets Fresh American Hops apart is not just their commitment to organic excellence, but their unwavering dedication to craftsmanship. With the capability to produce four harvests each year, a feat matched by only a select few across the nation, Harkenrider and Garrett are pioneers in their field.

Drawing upon their diverse backgrounds in agriculture, education, and business acumen, the duo has perfected a specialized technique that ensures each hop cone brims with potent oils and robust flavors. From organic hops to pellets, oils, and tinctures, Fresh American Hops offers a holistic solution for those seeking the finest in alternative medicine.

Their journey from college friends to business partners is a testament to the power of friendship and shared vision. Fuelled by a desire to make a meaningful impact, Harkenrider and Garrett have transformed Fresh American Hops into the region's premier organic hops supplement, earning accolades for their unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

“Our goal is simple yet ambitious: to revolutionize the industry by providing customers with a natural way to enhance their physical and mental well-being,” says Harkenrider. “With Fresh American Hops, we aim to elevate the art of brewing while offering holistic enthusiasts a more aromatic and flavorful product that speaks for itself.”

As they embark on this transformative journey, Harkenrider and Garrett invite you to join them in embracing the power of nature, one hop cone at a time. With Fresh American Hops, the future of alternative medicine is ripe with possibility, and the possibilities are endless.

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