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Fresh American Hops LLC

Join Us on our mission, join us on our journey to provide all-natural, high-quality, organic master molecules that can benefit your bodies overall health and change the way people live their lives across the globe. Get rid of the poison chemicals that "so called professionals" provide you and take the natural way! 

F.A.H. also provides the finest organic beer, and whiskey expanding fast across the United States and the Globe.

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Zachery Harkenrider

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About Us

Featured across the USA for leading the alternative medicine market with new organic, all natural master molecules that shows amazing results, while providing American Brewers a variety of America's finest organic cones-pellets grown in the Finger Lakes Region, New York.

Fresh American Hops is providing the public with a new High-Quality Organic "Drug Free" Supplement. America's #1 Full Spectrum Hops Extract Provider, Leader in Essential Oil Isolation Increasing Oil Levels by 40%. 🥇 

Decades of experience in making oils and helping people feel better gives you an edge, you are working with real pros. We are heavily involved with all aspects of our products, such as growing, extracting, and manufacturing. Working hard to ensure purity, potency and the proof that we are following through is from our satisfied customers.

All of us at Fresh American Hops are just like you, chronic pain, anxiety, disease, etc. affecting us and the people we love that are seeking relief. Keeping us on top making sure our products work and work well.

Check out our Organic Master Molecule Supplements with numerous of other Organic medicinal plant extracts infused with our products. We are taking out the middleman and bringing our products straight to the customers from the comfort of their own homes. We’re a family-owned business made up of innovators and forward-thinkers, with the drive and wherewithal to constantly update and improve ways high quality medicinal plants reach the public.

Our online store has become synonymous with quality, and we ensure a continuous variety of fantastic products that fit any budget. Patients over profit. Stop overpaying today, join our quick start program; enjoy organic pure, potent and proven products for much less.

If you are a Micro, Craft, or Home Brewer look no further. Please visit our "Brewing Section." Fresh American Hops is providing the finest organic ingredients you need for the best tasting beer you'll ever brew!

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The Story of Fresh American Hops

Best in the Business


Two young entrepreneurs from the Finger Lakes Region, New York State have plans to revolutionize organic drug free natural supplements with a new master molecule: while also providing a strategic method of organic produced alcohol production across the world.

With the Finger Lakes Region of Western New York as its hub, Fresh American Hops LLC will be supplying supplement users, breweries and home brewers with hydroponically organic indoor/outdoor grown, hand-picked fresh hops that are provided to FAH manufacturing. The Finger Lakes region was home to native hops more than a century ago, however disease and prohibition wiped out most of the farms. The custom greenhouse will allow for 4 harvests each year, allowing Fresh American Hops LLC to provide the finest quality products to their production.

Zach Harkenrider and Glenn Garrett are two entrepreneurs - and millennials - who have developed a system to grow prized hops via hydroponics in a climate-controlled greenhouse while also mastering a complete organic operation outdoors providing oil levels not seen within a first-year hop cone. All oil levels backed by AAR Laboratories. This will allow access to fresh hops/pellets/oils/tinctures for those that desire proper quality products. Currently in this region, brewers are limited to using processed hops from the Pacific Northwest where more than 85% of the hops in the United States are grown. The processed hops lose much of their aromas and flavors that the brewers desire. With backgrounds in agriculture, education, business and common sense, Harkenrider and Garrett have learned to create their own indoor/outdoor atmosphere as purveyors of fine quality organic hops.

The duo met while students at Alfred State College in New York State and became fast friends in recent years, and that friendship has grown into a business partnership now encompassing a sizeable greenhouse, indoor/outdoor plants, operations, production/manufacturing and all the equipment to flourish into the region’s only premier organic hops supplements with the finest organic hop cones and the finest organic hop pellets to ever enter the wort. In addition, they have had phenomenal success mixing their indoor knowledge with their outdoor grow, located adjacent to the greenhouse.

“The goal of our company is to bring a new organic drug free master molecule, that works and works well, while creating an opportunity for Microbreweries, Beer-Pubs and home brewers across the globe to use high our high quality humulus lupulus cones/pellets fresh from the bines. Hopefully, we can change the industry by giving customers the opportunity to create better overall health and brewers can make better beer. We have a team at Fresh American Hops that works hard to ensure our product speaks for itself,” said Harkenrider. “Now people can have the relief their looking for, DRUG FREE and the brewers have no choice but use dried, packaged hops from Washington and Oregon.” Added Garrett, “We will be supplying some of the finest hops in all four seasons, handpicked, proper, full of the aromas and flavors that all brewers dream of. Our business campaign will allow holistic customers, beer connoisseur and brewers alike to delight in a more aromatic and flavorful products that get the job done.”

Reno, Nevada - Publisher. L.V.


Fresh American Hops is a well-renowned American Family-Owned Business that has continually featured a variety of high-quality and affordable products since day one. Trusted across the globe.

Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning and continues to drive us into the future. The team at Fresh American Hops knows that every product counts and strives to make the entire experience as rewarding and fun as possible. Whether you are an end user or a retail establishment looking to provide the best to your customers and patients, we are here to help you with just that. This company goes the extra step to ensure you get best, we work closely and personally with every aspect of our products, for you and for us, as we use them too. No shortcuts, no smoke and mirrors, only potent organic products that have proven themselves to do what people expect. You get what we say it is, simple ingredients that work great with the human body and mind!