Introducing The Most Versatile Unique Organic Master Molecules Active for The Body That's Ever Been Discovered.

Organic hops/humulus lupulus extracts, oils, and tinctures added to a diet can improve your overall health and even prevent certain diseases. Giving a boost to your body. Balance your body, balance your mind!

Endogenous Cannabinoid System - one of the most important physiologic systems involved in establishing and maintaining human health. Our System of physiology is working within all of us to constantly maintain homeostasis or balance at a cellular level.

" Over 200 Published Studies in PubMed. "

(National Library of Medicine)

Fresh American Hops providing quality research that will expand your knowledge of Hops | Humulus Lupulus. As a member of the Cannabaceae Family, Hops | Humulus Lupulus has been used for "Thousands of Years" as a top healing ingredient for the human body.

On Occasion Blog Post Will Provide Medical Cited Information About from Lupulus | Hops from Doctors, Naturalist & Herbal Professionals Across the World

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Huge Medicinal Benefits Of A New Organic Master Molecule
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Huge Medicinal Benefits Of A New Organic Master Molecule

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Huge Medicinal Benefits Of A New Organic Master Molecule

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Cannabaceae Family Genetics

Humulus Lupulus | Cannabis


Humulus Lupulus | Hop

Cannabaceae Family providing a true gift from earth that works well with our body's

Cone Structures Containing High Quality Medicinal Properties; For Over One Thousand Years this plant has been used worldwide as a "Miracle Medicinal Plant!"

Featured, medicinal benefits & medicinal properties of humulus lupulus, a plant that is genetically uniformed with the cannabaceae family renowned medicinal values.


  • Anti-Cancer Effects

There is little evidence that hops can directly prevent cancer. However, the compound xanthohumol appears to exert anti-cancer effects that may one day lead to the development of novel cancer therapies.

According to a 2018 review of studies from China, xanthohumol was able to kill certain types of cancer in test tube studies, including breast cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, liver cancer, melanoma, leukemia, and non-small cell lung cancer.

The flavonoid appears to do it in several ways. In some cases, xanthohumol was cytotoxic, meaning that it directly "poisons" and kill cancer cells (and, presumably, other cells around it). In other cases, it triggers apoptosis, also known as programmed cell death.

Cancer occurs when cells mutate and no longer undergo the natural process of apoptosis, allowing them to multiply without end. If scientists are able to identify how xanthohumol activates apoptosis in cancer cells, there may one day be a hops-derived drug able to reverse certain cancers.

showing results:

  • Inhibits Effects on More Than Sixty Different Types of Cancer (Example - Leukemia, Lung, Colon, Breast, Prostate & Multitudes of Other Types)

  • Inhibits NF-kB(Nuclear Factor Kappa Beta) Activation in Cells Which Inhibits Cancerous Mutations & Changes in The Cell

  • Moderate Ability to Neutralize Reactive Oxygen Species ROS (Take in Oxygen; metabolized to ROS, which are messenger molecules that regulate signaling in cell activity as well as control cell death)


  • Cardiovascular Disease

Atherosclerosis, often referred to as the hardening of the arteries, is a condition in which the accumulation of plaque inside an artery can lead to a heart attack or stroke. The compound xanthohumol in hops is believed to have anti-restenotic effects, meaning that it can help relax blood vessels and improve blood circulation.
A 2012 study from Japan found that mice fed a hops xanthohumol extract had significant increases in "good" high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, corresponding to a decreased risk of atherosclerosis.
Moreover, the increases were seen in a type of HDL rich in apolipoprotein E, a protein central to the metabolism of fat and the prevention of cardiovascular disease.
These same effects may benefit people with obesity by promoting weight loss, reducing abdominal fat, lowering blood pressure, and increasing insulin sensitivity, according to research from Oregon State University.


  • Brain Health

Key in protecting brain cells, according to a study published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, "a compound found in hops could protect the brains against Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease.

Researcher Jianguo Fang and colleagues already knew that oxidative damage plays a role in brain disease. They speculated that they could halt or at least delay brain disease if they could protect brain cells, or neurons.

Fang's team wanted to study xanthohumol, a compound found in hops for its renowned, hailed ability, anti-cancer, antioxidant, and heart protective properties. Also known for anti-viral and anti-inflammatory capabilities,

In Their lab Tests, Fang's team noticed that this compound found in hops protected neuron cells. They said, "Xanthohumol showed moderate ability to neutralize reactive oxygen species (ROS), which are the messenger molecules that can regulate signaling in cell activity, including cell death.

Medical works cited; information gathered from top qualified professionals, doctors, holistic professionals, naturalist, and herbalists from across the globe. Information can easily be accessible throughout the web.



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