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Black Currant Blend | 1000 mg

Black Currant Blend | 1000 mg

Introducing our Black Currant Blend, a distinctive fusion of the finest hand-picked organic hops from the Finger Lakes Region, expertly infused with the nutrient-packed black currant. This extraordinary combination promises a unique set of benefits that set it apart.


Black currant, a nutrient-rich superfood, is renowned for its cancer-fighting properties, anti-inflammatory benefits, and potent antioxidant conservation capabilities. Its advantages extend to liver and cardiovascular health, weight control, arthritis relief, and acne control. Moreover, it promotes healthy blood sugar levels, reduces cholesterol, and aids in pain relief.


**Health Benefits Highlights:**
- Cancer-fighting properties
- Anti-inflammatory benefits
- Powerful antioxidant capabilities
- Liver and cardiovascular health support
- Weight control aid
- Arthritis relief
- Acne control
- Promotion of healthy blood sugar levels
- Cholesterol reduction
- Pain relief


Our Black Currant Blend, infused with pure MCT oil, emerges as a robust nutritional supplement supporting brain health, enhancing cognitive function, promoting eye health, and facilitating healthy blood flow. Additionally, it provides relief for mouth diseases and tooth decay, while assisting in odor control.


**Key Features:**
- One Month Supply
- 1000 mg Dose
- Full Spectrum Hops Extract
- Infused with Pure MCT Oil, Black Currant Extract
- 8% Xanthohumol Levels
- 30 mL Bottle
- Recommended 1/2 Dropper Under Tongue 2x per Day


- Enhanced brain health and function
- Improved eye health
- Promoted healthy blood flow
- Relief for mouth diseases and tooth decay
- Odor control


Experience the health benefits and relish the unique and delicious flavor of our Black Currant Blend. Crafted with meticulous care to ensure the highest quality and purity, our products use only the finest available ingredients.


*Medical Information Regarding Hops: Please Review Medical Section.*

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