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  • Quick Start Single Bottle Monthly Program - $24.99.

  • Quick Start Two Bottle Monthly Program - $45.99. 

  • Wholesale buyers minimum order of 12 bottles - $19.99 (per bottle).

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Concentrates Such as Oil's Provide the Highest Bioavailability Upon Ingestion.

Unveiling Nature's Healing Potency: Our Distinctive Approach to Natural Supplements

Nestled in the heart of the flourishing Finger Lakes region, where nature's abundance thrives, our natural supplements epitomize the harmonious integration of holistic healing and alternative medicine. Sourced from meticulously selected organic Humulus Lupulus cones, handpicked with utmost care, our products exemplify unparalleled uniqueness. Enriched with the world's most medicinal plants and fortified with MCT oil for added benefits, our supplements redefine the benchmarks of natural well-being.

The Essence Fresh American Supplements:

Origin of Excellence:
- Hailing from the pristine Finger Lakes region, our organic Humulus Lupulus cones serve as the cornerstone of our exceptional natural supplements. Each cone, meticulously handpicked, embodies the inherent purity and potency bestowed by nature.

Medicinal Fusion:
- Setting new standards, our supplements boast a distinctive infusion of some of the globe's most medicinal plants. This deliberate blend enhances the therapeutic potential of each product, providing a holistic approach to well-being.

MCT Oil Boost:
- To further amplify benefits, our supplements are enriched with MCT oil. Renowned for its health-enhancing properties, MCT oil adds a valuable dimension to our formulations, supporting overall well-being.

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All Products Are Tested By AAR Lab

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