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Organic Hop Pellets | 1 Oz Chinook

Organic Hop Pellets | 1 Oz Chinook

Introducing our premium organic Chinook hop pellets:


• Carefully harvested and processed to preserve their unique flavor and aroma profile.


• Alpha acid content of 12-14%, making them a versatile choice for a range of beer styles.


• High oil content of 1.5-2.5 ml/100g, with a composition that includes myrcene, humulene, and caryophyllene.


• Distinctive notes of pine, spice, and grapefruit, making them ideal for bold, hop-forward ales such as IPAs and stouts.


• The aroma profile of Chinook hops is characterized by a blend of pine, spice, and citrus notes, making them a versatile ingredient for a wide range of beer styles.


• Chinook hops are often used in American-style ales, particularly IPAs and stouts, as well as in some porters and barleywines.


• We recommend adding our organic Chinook hop pellets during the boil for bittering, and during the late stages of the boil or in dry hopping for aroma.


• The amount of hops needed will depend on the specific recipe and desired flavor profile, but a typical range is 1 to 2 ounces per 5 gallons of beer.


• Developed in the United States in the 1980s, Chinook hops are a cross between Petham Golding, Brewer's Gold, and a USDA male.


• Can be used for both early and late additions, and as a dry hop, with their high oil content making them well-suited for adding aroma and flavor.


• Add complexity and depth to your beer when used in combination with other hops.


• Essential ingredient in the craft brewer's toolkit.


Overall, our premium organic Chinook hop pellets are a must-try for any brewer looking to elevate their beer to the next level. With their high oil content, distinctive aroma and flavor profile, and versatility in brewing, they are an excellent choice for a range of beer styles.

  • Fresh American Hops Organic Brewing Ingredients

    Buy 1 lb or more, recieve our organic hops for only $3.99 per ounce.

    Organic hops cost more because they are grown using natural methods that rely on sustainable agricultural practices, without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms. This requires more time and effort to maintain the soil health and manage pests and diseases, leading to lower yields and higher production costs. Additionally, the organic process adds additional costs and regulations to the growing and processing of hops. However, the result is a higher quality and more environmentally-friendly product, which many brewers believe is worth the additional cost.

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